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Art has always been a part of the evolution process of human society, and since time immemorial humans have used art as a mode of expressing their joys, dreams, ideas, visions, fears and strengths.  There is no denying to the fact that art has provided a comfortable solace for mankind.  Artists with their imaginative thinking and creative disposition have made our habitats and surroundings beautiful and inspiring. Art rejuvenates our senses, opens our minds to various dimensions and broaden our life’s horizons.

On the flip-side of this beautiful scenario is the hard work and precision of the artisans and craftsmen. They are the people who have polished their skills through the generations to give us soulful art pieces of perfected craftsmanship to admire. But today in these tough times the plight of the artist is grave who has been hard-hit financially due to the pandemic infused slowdown of the global economy.  Many gifted artisans are forced to leave their creative work and take up odd jobs to keep the kitchen fire burning.  Moreover the existing online e-commerce platforms charge a high rate of commission leaving the artisans with marginal profits. This unfavorable situation calls for lending a supportive hand to thousands of wonderful artisans who are struggling to keep their age old art alive.

In the wake of this necessity the Craft Council of Weavers and Artisans came into being as a Non Profit Organization to provide a platform by the artisans for the artisans, to take their crafts to the global markets and platforms.


On 13th July 2020 Craft Council of Weavers and Artisans was incorporated as a Non Profit Organization with its registered office in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is the 1st craft council formed by artisans for artisans and governed by artisans to support each other on the path to technical, artistic, social and financial growth.


  • To benefits the artisans, craftsmen, weavers and NGOs working for semi-skilled and marginal communities by imparting technical training and expert advice to enhance their skills and entrepreneurial capabilities to ensure their livelihood opportunities, income enhancement and financial empowerment without any profit motive on the part of CCWA.
  • To promote and spread awareness about India’s rich heritage of various craft forms and  handicraft products; and to increase their acceptance among the local public through our own website and other online platforms, and via conducting  fairs, exhibitions, public displays, art shows and retail outlets with the motive of increasing the income of the artisan.
  • To extend social, psychological and technical support to the artisans and impart financial literacy especially of online payment gateways.
  • To provide technical support for design development and customization to enhance the functionality and appeal of the handicrafts in the eyes of the global customer and widen their market base.
  • To work on environment friendly and sustainable initiative such as recycling and up-cycling of discarded material using craft skills to convert them into functional and contemporary products.
  • To develop our own selling platforms like a website and mobile application having e-catalogs of all artisans
  • To assist in procurement and distribution of various raw materials, whether imported or indigenous allocated by the Government of India or any other agencies for supply to the artisans, craftsmen weaver and producer communities.
  • To provide promotion and marketing of handicraft products for generating more sales for the artisan.
  • To provide structured programs for companies’ CSR activities and individual donors to rise funds to support the artisans and weavers.
  • To enter into suitable agreements with the governmental bodies on the behalf of the artisans, to obtain privileges, grants and concessions given by various government schemes for the benefit of the artisans.


19th May – The organization provided financial assistance of Rs 1000 each to 51 artisans and weavers to sustain in the tough pandemic times.

13th June 2020 – Day of Incorporation with HQ at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Note– Our organization tries to seek regular guidance from the artists who are pioneers in their field and have been awarded and acclaimed for their excellence. We consider them leaders of the creative arena who are capable of imparting the grass root technical knowledge to the new and semi skilled artisans and weavers for making them market ready.  For this we conduct interviews and talk shows with these eminent artists and post the videos on our Facebook and YouTube online platform. The main aim is to broaden creative horizons of the artisans and weavers. We even post videos and bios of artisans regularly on our online platforms to inform and create interest in our viewers regarding various handicrafts of India and the people behind it.

26th June 2020 – “MANTHAN”, a brainstorming and informative session conducted on Google Meet with internationally renowned designer Shri Chandrasekhar Bheda as chief speaker.

Topic: How design thinking and handicrafts collaborations can give far reaching and sustainable results.

Aim: To be atmanirbhar, learn modern technology and be self reliant.

Moderator: Shri Deepak Sankit

Participants: 100 artisans of various fields like dastkars, shilpkars, weavers, chippas, etc

Region the artists belonged to: Rural, Semi-urban and Urban.

10th to 12th July 2020 – Udaipur Trip. CCWA in conducted a Meenakari Art Workshop under the leadership of master craftsperson Shri. Deepak Sankit and indigo tie and dye master Shri. Brij Ballabh Udaiwal for a group of tribal women.

Aim: To impart firsthand knowledge of the craft of Meenakari and indigo tie and dye, and encourage the tribal women to learn it in order to be financially independent.

Participants: 30 tribal women of Kundal Village have been benefitted from the workshop.

Moderator: Shri Deepak Sankit and Shri. Brij Ballabh.

Region the artists belonged to: Rural tribal Kundal Village


19th July 2020 – We invited the respected Padamshree Tilak Gitai Ji and National Awarder Prithvi Raj Kumawat Ji to our “Handicrafts Awareness Talk” on Facebook and YouTube online platforms.

Topics covered: Artisanal products and skills requires, Indian culture, sustainable crafts, sustainable employment, demand of handicrafts, generating support for handmade products and for artisans’ welfare.

Aim: To educate the new and semi-skilled artisans and weavers of the current market scenario.

Moderator: Shri. Deepak Sankit

Participants: Many artisans viewed and found it truly informative.

Region the artists belonged to: Rural, Semi-urban and Urban.

21 July 2020 – We welcomed National Awarder Shri. Brij Ballabh Udaiwal, an executive director of CCWA and renowned shilpguru Shri. Babulal Marothiya Ji of miniature painting fame, for an online live conversation with Mrs. Shilpa Sharma, the founder of Art Make in India Foundation.

Topics covered: Awareness of role of education in handicraft and creative fields in order to generate more income.

Aim: To encourage artisans to educate themselves to walk with the current times.

Moderator: Mrs. Shilpa Sharma

Participants:  Many artisans viewed and found it truly informative.